In fact, the poor have a right to this ridiculous excess money

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3 points submitted 20 days agoDo you just want to sing karaoke at home? (Emphasis on availability and quality of backing tracks and lyrics) Your best bet is YouTube, a dedicated karaoke website like SingSnap, or a home karaoke system.Do you want the ability to get computerized scoring or feedback on your performance? (Emphasis on practicing and improving vocals) Most games can only do a poor job at this. You might get a little help with autotune for pitch control.Do you want to play a videogame that just happens to be about singing? (Emphasis on game mechanics, graphics, and fun factor) The options are limited on PC, most singing games are console. SingStar, Rock Band, etc. There was at least one open source version of karaoke revolution out there, not sure how much support it still gets today.fssbmule1 1 point submitted canada goose outlet los angeles 21 days agoI never had problems from people in actually expensive cars (read: late model and in good condition) being aggressive, I think this is just an inaccurate stereotype, or projection. The worst thing those people do is being distracted, but no more than any other driver. Plus, most of those cars have all sorts of electronic nannies canada goose outlet website legit blind spot warning, collision avoidance, they help offset some human error.Now, older luxury/sport cars are often bought by young kids, or enthusiasts. canada goose outlet official They canada goose outlet vip definitely drive them aggressively.S0vi3t 7 points submitted 1 month agoThat ridiculous. You, by virtue of being a citizen of the US, have a contract with the government to pay taxes in exchange for services and protection and the like. your land, as a form of compensation. My family has land in it that has been passed down since the 1880s. If we didn have private property, how would that exist, and still canada goose outlet houston be in our possession?You don own something until you no longer owe anything for it. Your car isn yours until you pay off the loan, because you must pay the bank or else it will take the car back.You can never pay off your tax canada goose outlet uk fake obligation to the government. You will always owe taxes on it. so you are in effect leasing your land in perpetuity.Imagine a house. Person A canada goose jacket outlet toronto lives there, but he must pay a set amount to Person B every month. Person A has no control over the canada goose outlet mall amount he has to pay, and if he doesn pay Person B can kick him out. You would call Person A delusional if he claimed he owned the have not accurately accounted for the value for the world that can be generated from large amounts of wealth, andyou also do not consider the fact that not everyone ascribes to your definition of morality.I believe that accumulating wealth far more than what you can consume is immoral. For the sake of discussion lets consider that amount 50 million USD. That means if you have a net worth of 50 million USD you already have all of what a person can consume.false. there is no limit to how much money i can spend. i can create corporations to employ thousands of people, pour the canada goose outlet store new york money into research on promising technologies like genetic engineering or nanotech, look for a cure for cancer, the possibilities are endless. furthermore, i can canada goose outlet 2015 choose to give the money to other people that i deem worthy. i can search the planet for the canada goose outlet orlando best minds in every field and fund their work, producing science, technology, architecture, literature, and art beyond anything the world has ever seen. in a world where people did what you propose, there would be no pyramids, no taj mahal, and no marxist theory because friedrich engels used his family’s wealth to fund karl canada goose outlet toronto location marx to write it.if you take a utilitarian argument, you would have to show the utility of giving the money to poor people is higher canada goose outlet uk sale than what i can generate with the examples above (and all other possible activities). this canada goose outlet phone number is canada goose factory outlet vancouver almost certainly impossible, because at some point you have to assign value to arbitrary things like beauty, and i can simply disagree with the value you canada goose coats uk assign.It canada goose outlet london is immoral if they keep on accumulating/earning more instead of giving it away. In fact, the poor have a right to this ridiculous excess money. It is inhumane, disgusting and pure evil to accumulate more than this critically misunderstand the nature of economic activity. before you can give money away, first you must earn it. even if your ultimate goal is to give money canada goose outlet store uk to the poor, you must first accumulate it, and you must keep accumulating it in order to keep giving more away.It is also evil to give money for the benefit of people who already have their basic needs met while those that Canada Goose Outlet do not have their basic needs are suffering. Therefore, it would be immoral to pay for cars or similar luxuries of say Americans (they can always use a motorbike) instead of using that money to pay for the people dying in developing countries.since you are posting this on the internet, it is highly likely that you have more than your basic needs met. if canada goose outlet boston you do not agree to give away all your possessions and income to feed the poor, then you understand why this argument is a failure. there is no fundamental moral duty for anyone to provide anything to anyone else, because there is more than one system of morality and people believe different things. if singing isn enjoyable anymore then why do it?some things are a waste of time for some people. i can hire the best trainer and i will never play in the NBA no matter how hard i work. if all i care about is getting in, then it pointless. but if i enjoy playing basketball and getting better, then it worth it.we all only have so much time to do stuff. are you getting the best bang for your buck with learning to sing? or would your time canada goose outlet online be better spent elsewhere?fssbmule1 12 points submitted 2 months agoyou probably not making super complex dishes at home. even the best cooks i know rarely do that for themselves, it simply impractical. each component requires separate processing which quickly multiplies not only the cooking time, but also the cleanup afterward. the prep canada goose outlet in usa and cook i enjoy, the cleanup is drudgery.

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