That this concept actually means nothing outside a vague idea

America’s not so Christian History

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Canada Goose online Oklahoma pastor and Republican state representative Dan Fisher introduced House Bill 1380 last week, a canada goose outlet in toronto piece of legislation intended to defund AP History classes in order to protect the myth of American Exceptionalism. How a state representative who is so completely tone deaf to truth manages even to get elected is not so easy to explain. Only 40.7 percent of registered voters in Oklahoma bothered to go to the polls in the last election, but to be fair, this is Oklahoma, canada goose uk site so if 80 percent had gone, Fisher might still have been elected. Canada Goose online

canada goose Fisher, for those who aren’t familiar with his history, is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon. It is a relatively large church considering its location in Oklahoma City’s westernmost major suburb, a place that has been a haven for the canada goose outlet los angeles white flight demographic over the past few decades. Yukon’s high school mascot is a miller, an unapologetically happy cracker in overalls whose job is to canada goose outlet uk sale mill grain. Yukon used to be an agricultural town before Oklahoma City’s growth found its way to Yukon. White flighters love “small town values,” and Yukon has canada goose jacket outlet uk exploded with cookie cutter starter homes arrayed like brick soldiers in neat grids on what used to be wheat or corn or alfalfa fields. canada goose

canada goose coats Fisher managed to collect many of these white folks canada goose outlet miami flocking to Yukon and, over the years, he has managed to be both a successful pastor of a growing Canada Goose Outlet church and a voice of unreason, tapping into the fears of conservative Christians who see the end of days in nearly canada goose outlet uk every cultural shift with which they are uncomfortable. When he finally partnered with two of Oklahoma’s most vocal theocratic pastors Steve canada goose outlet store uk Kern[1] Paul Blair the partnership helped solidify Trinity as a very non Southern Baptist church. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose Along with Kern and Blair, Fisher participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday during President Obama’s first campaign for the presidency.[2] three “pastors” defied IRS regulations concerning non profits and political speech by endorsing John McCain over Barack Obama from their pulpits. They fancied themselves part of a historical fraternity of pastors known as the “Black Robe Regiment,” who spoke frankly about politics and helped shape the moral conscience of the canada goose outlet in new york young United canada goose clothing uk States. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Whether or not this Black Robe Regiment managed to do much of anything other than pontificate from their pulpits is up for historical debate. Congregants rarely take their pastors very seriously when the pastors wander off the Biblical text into political speech. In fact, they rarely take them seriously any time the pastors say something with which the congregants disagree. Pastors are notoriously self important when assessing how canada goose outlet jackets much their views shape the views of their congregants. To believe otherwise is simply an exercise in ego masturbation on the part of the pastors. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Fisher parlayed his pastoral popularity into a run for state office. Whether or not that is something pastors ought to do is yet another area of potential dispute, but Fisher is not so much worried about spiritual care for a congregation as he is with helping dictate a “spiritual climate” of the state. He wrongly believes, as do many other conservative canada goose sale uk Christians, the false narrative of America as a Christian canada goose outlet paypal nation. That this concept actually means nothing outside a vague idea that Christians ought to be in charge is lost on Fisher and his tribe. Even among Christians canada goose outlet germany of good conscience, it’s widely believed to an utter fiction. canada goose outlet new york city Real Christian scholars like Mark Noll and George Marsden have written about this myth of a Christian America, but it’s easier to believe a lie that prefers our tribe than accept a truth that offers equality to people outside the tribe. This is, of course, one of the great ironies of “Christian America” conservatives: a tribe ostensibly committed to the truth pursues a lie in spite of all evidence to the contrary. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Jackets This is the subtext to Fisher’s bill to ban AP History courses. He dislikes the College Board’s focus in the curriculum because it points out the country’s many, massive failings. How someone tells an honest history canada goose outlet phone number without mentioning the many ways in which the United States has failed is unimaginable. The problem for Fisher is that “Christian America” condoned slavery using the Bible; we marginalized minorities and women using the Bible; we justified the genocide of Native Americans using the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”; and we invaded countries, exploited the poor and the weak, seized territory from sovereign nations like Mexico, denied rights to all kinds of demographics, including ethnic and religious minorities and LGBT citizens. To catalog all of America’s canada goose outlet florida sins would take a document at least as long as the Bible. canada goose outlet london Rather than contend with this harsh and undeniable truth, Fisher would prefer that teachers not teach it. Secondly, America will be revealed to be what we actually are: an often great nation but also an often abusive and evil nation that relies not on the providence of the Christian God to lead us, but on our own base desires, prejudices, fears, and yes, sins to guide our actions many of which found their justification in the Bible. Fisher’s Christian America falls apart in AP History class because canada goose outlet website legit it never existed, and that a man of faith pursues the establishment of a lie with canada goose outlet in uk such singular dishonesty while calling on God to witness his prophetic anointing speaks to the corruptive influence of religious narratives used to secure secular power. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale is the husband of Sally Kern, a state legislator who is best known outside Oklahoma for insisting that “the gay agenda” is a greater threat to America than terrorism. Their marriage is the perfect union of paranoid and ignorant. Canada Goose sale

canada goose store [2] would do so again in his second campaign, and in spite of President Obama’s Christian confession, they chose the Mormon candidate Mitt Romney, ignoring a century of Baptist teaching that Mormons are a cult that preaches a false Christ. Political narratives are far canada goose jacket uk more important that religious narratives for theocrats canada goose store.

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