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how important is the vice presidential debate

The stakes couldn be higher for Thursday vice presidential debate.

Canada Goose Parka After the debacle that was President Obama performance at the first debate last week, expect interest to be especially high when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan canada goose outlet price face off in Kentucky for their only debate. Canada Goose Parka

canada canada goose outlet near me goose coats At this point, in the face of plummeting poll numbers for the president, the Obama campaign must rely on Joe Biden to turn this thing around. Good luck with that. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Look for Biden to come out swinging, hitting hard on issues like Romney comment, Ryan controversial budget plan and his proposal to change Social Security. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet As one Republican adviser tells Politico, Biden will bring his nunchucks and brass knuckles to the debate. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Of course, this has got to leave a lot of nervous Democrats, because with Joe Biden, you never know what you going to get. While Biden is a official canada goose outlet seasoned debater who connects well with voters, he also tends to say dumb things from time to time. Just a couple of months ago, the White House had to sweep up after Biden after he told a largely black audience in Virginia that Republicans put y back canada goose parka outlet uk in chains. will no doubt ask Biden about foreign policy, including the murder of an American ambassador in Benghazi, more than 40 months of 8% plus unemployment, a $16 trillion deficit, no federal budget for the last three years and so on. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose deals There also the risk that in trying to make up for Obama weak debate, Biden comes across as too aggressive. canada goose deals

As for Ryan, he says the pressure is on him after Romney strong showing last week. Ryan says he expects Biden to launch at him a cannon ball, buy canada goose uk describing Biden as a gifted, extremely experienced and proven canada goose outlet canada debater. Really?

This is must see TV Thursday night.

cheap Canada Goose Here’s my question to you: In light of the results of the first debate,? cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale Tune in canada goose victoria parka outlet to the Situation Room at 5pm to see if Jack reads your answer on air. Canada Goose sale

And, we love to know where you’re writing from, so please include your city and state with your comment.

It important that Americans get a chance to hear where Biden and Ryan actually stand on key issues (voting rights, tax reform, job creation, defense spendings, etc). I watched the debate last week and after watching another Romney reboot on his previous stances, I absolutely would not vote for him even if he were canada goose outlet uk sale the only candidate on the ballot. It makes me wonder if we will see more on issues from Mr Ryan. I kept seeing a snake oil salesman (Mitt Romney) on stage asking me to believe what he was Sorry Mitt NO SALE!!!!!!

canadian goose jacket There should be a debate. In order to have a debate it takes two participants that are engaged in the exchange of ideas. The first debate between the President and Gov. Romney you had one participant and the other seemed to be speaking to the moderator. A lawyer that speaks to the judge instead of the jury will probably lose every trial. The Vice President I believe will be much more engaged, in fact; if the moderator is not careful this might be a debate where a wrestling match might break out. canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale It important that Mr. Biden expose the falsehoods uttered by Mr. Canada Goose Outlet Romney in the first debate. Even Mitt campaign had to come out with the broom and dustpan to clean up his remarks. For example, Mitt health plan, whatever it might be, does not cover pre existing conditions unless you become ill while you are insured. Essentially, what insurance is purchased for: covering you when you get sick. If you happen to be a person who has been uninsured and you become ill, under Mitt plan you on your own. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Very, very, very important. We get two Washington windbags canada goose outlet london feeding us nonsense about deficit spending, free markets, terrorism, taxes, programs and on and on. What you will not hear is www.scrubsuniforms.ca that the deficits are mostly caused by the federal reserve bank. That most terrorism is caused by our foreign entanglements and governmental support of a terrorist state. That free markets mean free from responsibility and accountability. That the country is worse off after giving the rich and corporations control of the government and thirty trillion dollars of Americas wealth. And that if you demonize programs that Americans paid for and deserve to benefit from long enough, they are stupid enough to believe that those programs are the problem. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance canada goose outlet uk fake and entertainment value more than anything. Does that make it important? canada goose canada goose outlet legit clearance

Yes, certainly, because voters will now be paying more attention to the canada goose outlet uk race for whatever reason.

Another issue is the fact checking: hopefully the media will be checking facts and

canada goose sorting out the lies. Romney won the first debate on the basis of his blitzkrieg attack and the President refusal to be engaged. Now Mitt is rattling sabers in the mideast and seeing if that wins votes. canada goose

Canada Goose online So, Jack, we all tune in to see the next strategies in this important and entertaining race. Canada Goose online

Jack: The Vice Presidential Debate is important, but not as important as the next 2 Presidential Debates. Rep. Ryan will try to wow people with numbers, and Vice President Biden will talk canada goose outlet in chicago about the cuts of $11 billion to military veterans, how seniors will not like the medicare voucher program, and how the medicare voucher program will eventually hurt those over 55 years of age now. It will be a numbers verse peoples debate. Paul Ryan canada goose outlet store uk will use canada goose outlet niagara falls numbers, and Vice President Biden will canada goose outlet authentic show how people will be left out of a Romney/Ryan ticket.

Despite Obama less than stellar performance, and the fact we, as Americans and you as the media, put some much credence in these debates, the vice presidential canada goose outlet las vegas debates may well be the game changer; for either camps. Although Obama clearly has the vision and wherewithal to lead this country out of this economic mess, it almost as clearly evident that we are inclined to pick our next president merely on the strength or lack thereof of a presidential debates, where the answers as well as the very questions are scripted and rehearsed by all parties involved. Obama continues to make excuses for his failed economic policies, and Romney will say anything that the crowd wants to hear. The Vice Presidential debate will more that likely show the same thing. NOTHING!

The solution to the current economic conditions is simple. Spend goose outlet canada our way out of it, and the way to do this is to put cash into the hands of the low income and poverty. A $500 a month government rebate check issued to all individuals earning less than $30k a year, and made continuous for 3 to 6 months, will force growth from the bottom up even if the right wing radicals attempt to shut everything down. Spending from the bottom will generate jobs tax revenues while reducing entitlement costs.

Don cater to the radicals who want to shut everything down for political reasons, or for whatever other ridiculous canada goose outlet new york city reason they have, beat them at their own game by spending around them. We need trickle up economics, and not trickle down economics. Should someone ask this question at the Vice Presidential debate? Will we get an answer or more excuses?

buy canada goose jacket I think Biden should be himself, get a food taster for 24 hours before his debate and be certain the taster isn a bit confused, and he should not worry about this type of question. He has a wonderful personality, is very bright, knows and UNDERSTANDS the issues, and has an opponent with a very bad temper, a singular view of the issues and is somewhat confused about what to say when it comes to the issues and the which views the of the Republican holds. (We all are a bit uncertain about that, as a polite person, I never have learned how to handle someone who outright lies, the choices are being uncharacteristically rude or appearing confused without an answer.) buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store I thought Vice President Biden was flat in his convention speech, ( for him anyways ), because he was just reading the script that was presented to him, word for word. If there are no telepromters in the Vice Presidential Debate, we will see Biden at his best, and I wouldn be surprised if more viewers tune in than in the first debate, between Romney and Obama. I would bill the debate as Plato vs Popeye. There won be canada goose outlet locations in toronto any rope a dope strategy employed by Biden here. Although Romney won the viewers award in the first debate, for his delivery and zeal, Romney also put enough gaffes out there, while he kept Obama pinned to the ropes, to keep Obamas Campaign Commercial Team working 48 hours a day geting the material out. Remember the Big Bird comment by Romney on election night. To answer the question, the debate is important because a canada goose outlet in new york lot of people are going to watch it, and it will give us the opportunity to watch Joe Biden, perhaps the most entertaining person on the planet right now, for a full two hours. I am getting a little long winded here, but since half the comments got inadvertantly, ( I assume, I do it to myself on ocasian), cut off last Thursday, I am awarding myself more space than I usually take. I am not complaining though. The reward is in the writing for folks like me, and that these words actually get printed, or even worse, read on the air, is the risk we take, not the goal we hope to achieve. Doug, Pepperell, MA. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets To me, not much. I been paying attention for the entire last 4 yrs. I know where my Republican party, Romney/Ryan stand. Hint: It isn with my best interests or those of my family and friends (republicans) We all know it. Some of us do have a brain. Grover Norquist says he only needs a President with 5 digits to sign well, whatever Grover thinks we, as Americans, need. I think not. I have 5 digits and they be checking the box for Obama. Let the puppets stay on Sesame Street: We don need one in the White House Canada Goose Jackets.

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