Acer’s didn’t spell out what specific models could add Alexa

Within my tent, I sell a variety of goods: some made by me, others from my suppliers. Some, have a sense of jocularity behind them; others are really close to accurate. Very few are of the souvenir variety. Amazon’s Alexa already dominates the smart speaker market when it comes to install base, but the retailer slash cloud giant isn’t stopping there. Acer announced its intent to bring the voice assistant to its PCs and peripherals at CES in January, and that the capability is coming first to the company’s Spin 3 and Spin 5 laptops through a software update. Acer’s didn’t spell out what specific models could add Alexa through software, but it did say the upcoming refresh of its Nitro 5 Spin gaming laptop would be the first notebook to come with Amazon’s voice assistant factory installed..

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