A Bob Jones University graduate takes a close look at the

Fundamentalism’s Good Ol’ Boy Network’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

canada canada goose factory outlet toronto location goose clearance Take a peek behind the scenes at the self proclaimed “Bastion of Fundamentalism” and “Fortress canada goose outlet mississauga of Faith,” Bob Jones University. A Bob Jones University graduate takes a close look at the Joneses, Bob Jones University, and the national network of Bob Jones styled fundamentalist churches and ministries staffed by Bob Jones University graduates and influenced by the canada goose stockists uk pragmatic philosophies and principles taught and practiced by BJU. canada goose clearance

canada goose Jonesianism, canada goose uk black friday a term perhaps first coined in BJU Exposed, is simply modern day Phariseeism. Jonesianism is essentially a combination of psuedo religious legalism with endless man made rules given Ten canada goose outlet store calgary Commandment status, religious hypocrisy, extreme sectarianism, religious pride, and pervasive intellectual, ecclesiastic, ethical corruption and dishonesty all canada goose outlet online uk ruled over by a few men who embodied the worst qualities of the original Pharisees and whose teachings and actions cannot be questioned. canada goose

canada goose coats on sale An Introduction to JonesianismJonesianism: The canada goose outlet uk sale Leaven Spreads, How BJU and the Joneses influence churches across AmericaThe Northside Baptist Story: How Bob Jones III’s preacher and graduates “Do Church” A StudyHaven posted anything for quite some time. received a call during the first part of April, 2011 from my wife brother. was watching an ABC 20/20 program on sex scandals within Independent Fundamental Baptist churches. wife was a long time member of Marquette canada goose outlet in new york Manor Baptist Church in Downers Grove, Illinois. on national TV, were people they knew from Marquette Manor who were abusing others sexually. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats Chuck Phelps, a fair haired lad from BJU, a Bob Jones University Board Member, a Board member of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International, (FBFI) and a well connected, all around fundamentalist big wig, was featured also. while Phelps was pastoring Trinity Baptist in Concord, NH, a church member had raped a 15 (now he says 16) year old member and she became canada goose jacket outlet uk pregnant. allegedly forced canada goose outlet los angeles the alleged victim, Tina Anderson, to apologize to the congregation for immorality and being pregnant. comment from Chuckles below for more details. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket Reportedly, ecanadagoose the alleged rapist, Ernest Willis, a church member and successful businessman, was directed canada goose outlet store uk to apologize to the congregation for being “unfaithful” to his canada goose outlet authentic wife. also recounted another molestation at Trinity Baptist involving a registered sex offender. Members instructed Tina to forgive the fellow and not report the alleged crime. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance canada goose outlet shop sale Phelps and/or the mother sent the girl to Tri City Baptist in Colorado to have the baby. This effectively shut down any criminal investigation of the alleged rapes. Olson, another fair haired fundamentalist who is now canada goose outlet toronto the president of Northland canada goose jacket outlet store International University, a Baptist Bible school, was the pastor at that church. allegedly forced the girl to write a letter of apology to the alleged rapist wife. am reminded of my time at Northside Baptist with Rev. John Stevens, board member emeritus of the FBFI. there were molestations, rapes, and adulteries galore there in the 1990 the good Rev. Stevens was helping himself and his staff to free stuff like scholarships, credit cards, perks. Bob Jones crowd didn raise an eyebrow. David Gibbs, Jr. and the Christian Legal Association came to defend Stevens. will be interesting to see how the fundamentalists deal with these scandals. hope they do a better job of dealing with these things than the Catholics have done but the smart money is betting that they will close ranks and protect their own. edited this post May 10, 2011 to correct some information. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Parka Here is the link to the press release from the Concord Police Department the day canada goose outlet vip after the arrest of Ernest Willis for 4 counts of rape of Tina. Detectives looking into this incident at that time could not locate the victim.” Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets When Tina was removed from the jurisdiction of the Concord Police Department to Colorado that canada goose shop uk hampered the investigation. Investigations are not based on canada goose kensington parka uk rumors. No victim, no evidence, no forensic interview, no investigation can move forward. Phelps goes to lengths to claim now out Tina was at the consenting age for sex in NH, 16. That was never said before now, that I know of. Phelps then goes to great detail about how he claims to have called the police and DCYF. Phelps states on his website that “Tina accused a man of a crime”. The only crime in play here is rape, whether forcible or statutory. Phelps and his defenders are bending themselves into pretzel over their claims the assault was “consensual.” It is strange to me, that if Tina were of consensual age Phelps would claim he contacted the police and DCYF and say that “Tina accused a man of a crime?” As I see it, If it were consensual, and Tina were of consenting age in NH there would be no reason for Phelps to claim he called the police and DCYF because “Tina accused a man canada goose outlet 80 off of a crime”. Phelps it appears is trying to have it both ways. Before that he repeatedly said she was 15 but blamed the Concord Police for dropping the ball goose outlet canada because he “called” the police and they canada goose outlet kokemuksia did nothing. Phelps is not saying that he and Tina mom “filed multiple reports”. That a physical piece of paper. Phone calls are not “filing reports”. So, now that we know he “filed multiple reports” they should be a matter of public record. Either a police officer would come to your home, crime scene, or could go canada goose outlet ottawa to the station and fill out the forms there. Phone calls are not filing police reports. As I see it, 20/20 handed Phelps the spade, Phelps is digging his own grave and burying himself too Canada Goose Jackets.

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