Men are indoctrinated to be aggressive and highly competitive


Canada Goose Jackets People canada goose outlet toronto address are wont to comment that women hold incredible power by virtue of our sexual desirability to men and that somehow we feminists just don’t appreciate it or that we want to diminish that power. This is a silly view. One can appreciate the excitement and canada goose outlet kokemuksia glamor of enchanting a member of the opposite sex, or watching another woman do so. canada goose outlet store new york But to mistake this for “power” reveals a profoundly androcentric view of the world. Boy blame the wife for canada goose discount uk the suicide of his fellow on camera fellatio recipient Cal Jammer (nee Randy Potes), and refer to Mrs. Jammer as “the wicked bitch” in The New Yorker, buy canada goose uk when we let any men in colonial era Massachusetts blame their infidelities on women who must be witches (once again somehow their power to arouse adultery was not adequate when it came to the hangman): every time we watch men of world events, or minor characters in our own lives, as they come completely undone over some girl, and we assume she manipulated and cajoled and coerced him into ruin and disaster, every time canada goose outlet locations in toronto we believe that she brought him down, we are really letting him off the hook rather easily. If women are granted so much responsibility and credit and blame for the behavior of men that they sleep with, then that means we really do believe that any guy with a hard on has canada goose coats uk truly cut off the blood flow to his brain… If men were truly sexuality’s simple serfs, then Gennifer Flowers would be sitting behind the Canada Goose UK Outlet desk of the Oval Office and Bill Clinton would be a lounge singer in the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock (maybe Hillary would be Vice President). I mean, if pussy power is so potent canada goose outlet 80 off that it can be the ruin of a British administration, that it can canada goose outlet online store cause John Lennon to canada goose outlet orlando make some seriously unlistenable albums and pose for some embarrassingly pale assed pictures, and if it can make Samson a man canada goose parka uk so strong that Samsonite luggage, indestructible even in the hands of a gorilla in a cage, is named for him weak and wobbly kneed and a slave to his lust, canada goose outlet vip if men are this easy to manipulate, then why did it take us until 1920 to get the vote? Why are the majority of households with incomes below the poverty line headed by women? Why have they still not found a cure for menstruation? Why canada goose outlet woodbury does Strom Thurmond continue to be reelected to the Senate. And why is it that they can put a man many men on the moon but we can’t get one woman canada goose outlet price elected into the White House?…. Women, you see, like any other group of people obstructed from paths to power, tend to get their action canada goose sale uk on the sly. And that is precisely why, on certain occasions, it does seem that there is no power like pussy power: men are so comfortably accustomed to being canada goose outlet eu in charge, they forget how drooling and besotted they can become with some woman. It is only because men assume their centrality with the nonchalance and insouciance of those who’ve never even thought it might be otherwise and I’m not sure that feminism has been able to make any real headway into this presumed privilege that they are still able to get all astonished and flustered by the incursion of love into the safety of their sphere… Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap Elizabeth Wurtzel, Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women (1998) buy canada goose canada goose outlet real jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose I have to admit that I am not ready to get into the gap jousting matches. I basically agnostic on the issue, canada goose factory outlet although I strongly suspect that there IS, in fact, discrimination against women or, actually, to be more precise discrimination in favor of aggressive and highly competitive people in the workplace. Men are indoctrinated to be aggressive and highly competitive, which shows up as a plus in many of their paychecks and a debit in their coronary arteries and emotional lives. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale At the same time, I suspect the extent of that male/female gap is exaggerated and that the nature of compounding influences ignored. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose store That 90 percent figure came back to me when I read Ampersand series on the wage gap. He argues strongly that there IS canada goose jacket uk discrimination against women, BTW, but he also acknowledges that men tend to work longer hours than women. about 10% longer (so stated in part IV of Amp series). So, when looking only at gender (and removing the compounding influence of parenthood), you find that men work 10% longer (in far more hazardous occupations). and make 10% more money. Huh. (I NOT, BTW, saying this correlation is definitive, just that it . interesting.) canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet One day I will get around to reading Warren Farrell and his critics (like Amp) and try to review the studies and see if I can make heads or tails out of it all. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance sale From your comment, on average the entire population of men works 10% more hours than the entire population of women. The women without children who make 90% of what their male cohorts earn are certainly a part of that entire population but are not the whole of it and you really can say that they overall work 10% less than men in similar professions. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats For an example of why this is wrong, lets say that on average food is 10% more expensive here in New Zealand than it is in the US, you can not take that and declare that say lamb will be 10% more expensive here. canada goose coats

canada goose deals Ballgame, it is certainly true that men are more likely to hold the more dangerous jobs. But why do you suppose that is? Consider a typical family in which the husband is a police officer and the wife is a secretary. Are men clamoring canada goose outlet uk sale to break in to the secretarial field? Consider a typical family in which the husband is a miner and the wife is housecleaner. Are men clamoring to break in to the canada goose stockists uk housecleaning trade? Is there a male version of “North Country” where men who want these typically female jobs are driven out? Who makes more money and has more power in families like the ones I have described? canada goose deals

Canada Goose online Men work in more dangerous jobs than women, but those jobs are often compensated (and rightly so) with far greater pay and prestige than other jobs available for a person at that educational level. I am sure a lot of men would like to earn the same amount with less danger but that a class and education issue, not a gender issue Canada Goose online.

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