Kensei was never the mixup king

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replica designer bags Idk how to feel about kensei at this point. I purse replica handbags would like to think that I one of the most replica handbags online OG Kensei mains there is :P, being top 30 on pc for at least half a year now, but nowadays Kensei gives me odd vibes. The number of mixup options he has is absolutely Wholesale Replica Bags insane, but a decent number of those mixup options are fairly useless. The options that are useful however either work very well(debatably too well) in normal skill matches but not so much in high skill ones. Replica Designer Handbags I explain. cheap replica handbags Every mixup he has now carries a heavier amount of risk in these Fake Designer Bags higher skill matches. The very act of initiating a top heavy mixup is not impossibly difficult to punish, in KnockOff Handbags fact, I find it fairly easy and good players that I encounter seem to find it easy as well. As a matter of fact, his top unblockable can be punished for simply being activated before the opportunity for a soft feint even opens by most characters. This is guaranteed unless the kensei hard feints the Replica Bags top unblockable. And as most of you know, feinting side heavies is not necessarily a good alternative. With the old kensei, the general style most commonly used among the best of us was to utilize feints as a test of our opponent fears, patterns, tendencies, and reactions. After analyzing these, we would whip up timings and mixups to fit the information gathered as best as possible. However, the issue was that the old kensei had so few options and so many weaknesses that this was simply impossible to do in many situations. So, this was noticed and compensated for via the Season V rework. However, with the top heavy changes, Kensei ability to perform these tests and gather Designer Replica Bags information about the opponent was severely crippled. His mixups are no longer are based on calculation and careful analysis of the opponent. They are now entirely dependant on sheer luck, surprise/speed, and inexperience of the opponent. This is Designer Fake Bags not the Kensei I loved and adored. Kensei was never the mixup king. He was the King of Strategy; a master chess player placed on the battlefield to put his determination and wits to Replica Handbags the test. That is why I loved playing Kensei more than any other character. He Fake Handbags replica bags was an entirely different experience. But now, he is but another metal cast into the forge. He was once a heaping mass of coal that to most appeared only as something in the way of the more valuable things. Yes, he seemed that way to most. To me, he was nothing of the sort. I saw nothing but a diamond; patiently waiting for its time to Handbags Replica outshine all the rest. The Kensei I held so dear to me is lost, without identity, without potential, and has left me without hope. I have lost a diamond, and I pray that those who main other characters will not lose theirs replica designer bags.

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