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Jeff Wonoprabowo Earlier this quarter I had a pretty busy afternoon. And for a while it was stressful, too. It all started when a 51 year old man came into the hospital complaining about shortness of breath. On the way in he began to feel some chest pain. I stood by his side as he struggled to breathe and complained about canada goose outlet toronto address mid sternal chest pain. Two of my classmates began to auscultate the patient. I looked back at the monitor and read his vitals. He was hypotensive and his pulse was approximately 180.

The interview was over quickly. The ER doc asked what we wanted to do and my classmate suggested a beta blocker. I picked up the book to look up dosing but couldn find it. It was the first time I had ever opened this particular book and it was frustrating not being able to find a simple drug. And it wasn in the index, either.

buy canada goose jacket The patient showed no improvement. Another classmate suggested adenosine. I found that dosage: 6 mg, intravenously. No change. I suggested we try a second dose, this time 12 mg. The book was turning out to be of some use. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale The man blood pressure started to increase and his heart rate lowered slightly. Positive signs. But it didn last very long. Soon his blood pressure dropped again. My classmates and I looked at each other. I opened the pharmacology book again and flipped through the pages. It said that we could give another dose of adenosine. We gave him.76L normal saline instead. canada goose clearance sale

The patient started complaining about trouble breathing. The doctor suggested we give him oxygen. Why didn we think of that? My classmate fitted a non rebreather mask over the patient mouth and nose. But his vitals still weren looking very good. We tried another drug to no effect.

cheap Canada Goose Finally the doctor suggested electric cardioversion. He adjusted the settings on the defibrillator and moved aside. I picked up the paddles, completely unsure of what to do with them. He told me where to place them and told me to press both buttons simultaneously after everyone was clear. cheap Canada Goose

I called for everyone to be clear and pressed the buttons. The man vitals began to stabilize and the tracings indicated a return to normal sinus rhythm. The doctor told us we did a good job. Relieved to be done, canada goose outlet website legit we walked out and walked to a different room where other classmates had been sitting and watching us on a large flat screen monitor. We removed our lapel microphones and took a seat.

Canada Goose online It was an interesting day in Pharmacology Lab. The patient was a robot, anatomically correct and featuring pulses, breath sounds, heart sounds, and pupillary reflexes. Everything was simulated. And as we discussed the case, I couldn help but think canada goose outlet vip about the poster up on the wall. It had a quote by Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap I thought it quite fitting to see that quote in the university medical simulation lab where students and residents can practice, practice, and practice some more. At least we get to “repeatedly do” on simulated patients before trying our hand at real ones. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets Anna Burkhead The average age of my first year medical school class was 24.5. The oldest member of the canada goose outlet toronto location class was 41, and the mythical youngster was but a raw 19 years old. The most common age was probably 22 or canada goose outlet parka 23, a good three months wiser since college graduation earlier that May. But some of us had taken time off between college and medical school to pursue another calling, profession, or mission. Canada Goose Jackets

Starting with the young one: Obviously this kid had been advanced for his years throughout his entire schooling. Probably started college at 16. I canada goose outlet price never even met this person, so I can’t make any statements about his maturity level. Of course, if he made it through college at that young age, applied and was accepted to medical school, he must be something special. He’ll graduate and become a doctor at age 22, and finish residency around 26. There’s potentially a very long career ahead of him, with many accomplishments to be made!

Canada Goose Parka The mode of the age graph for my class falls right at 22, ie, a very recent college graduate. There are many people out there who advocate heading straight from college to medical school. I can see some advantages: no loss of momentum, younger age upon entering practice, the “just get it over with” factor. But, no offense to my colleagues who followed this path, there’s a lot of life experiences to be had besides that of a student. And I imagine it can be pretty tough to identify with a patient who makes minimum wage working 16 hours a day if you’ve never had a full time job. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose deals My class includes people who had all kinds of professions before embarking on medical careers. I was a high school teacher. I have canada goose outlet mall friends who were researchers, bankers, architects, professional soccer players. In my experience, having had another job before medical school has been nothing but a positive thing. I had things to talk about in med school interviews, and people still want to know all about it, even now in residency interviews. Countless other benefits in terms of my own maturity, compassion, and work ethic can be attributed to my experience as a teacher. Not to mention I made a little bit of money in the working world! (A very little bit of money). canada goose deals

The 41 year old woman in my first year class had a long, successful career as a Physician Assistant before applying to medical school. On the first day of class, canada goose outlet london one of our peers gauchely remarked that her daughter was older than some of us. (Note: there is no age requirement for medical school, and there is obviously no requirement for social appropriateness, either!) Although she has a good amount of experience, wisdom, and canada goose outlet online store maturity over the rest of us, does being 15 19 years older than most of her class mean that her career will be 15 19 years shorter, after the same amount of resources spent training? I don’t know, and I don’t know if it matters.

Med school can be experienced in a completely different way as a youngster, recent graduate, worker with a few years under a belt, and veteran in another career. Of course I’m biased, and I prefer my path, but I can see pros and cons to each career trajectory.

Canada Goose Outlet “Are you canada goose outlet orlando married?” Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats “Do you have kids?” canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale Have you ever been asked any of these questions? Have you ever been asked by a potential employer? Would your response depend on the inquisitor? If you have been asked by a person more senior than you, have you ever been uncomfortable? You should be. There goose outlet canada are a number of questions about certain topics that are inappropriate for residency directors to ask. And sometimes the inappropriate can bleed into illegal. canada goose black friday sale

I just gotten home from my twelfth and final interview. In the past two months, I been asked all of the above questions several times. I do have the occasional grey hair on my temples, I wear a wedding band, and I did indicate on my application that I couples matching. And I approached my interviews as though the program was the candidate. canada goose outlet factory So in many cases, the question enforced a feeling of comfort with the interviewer (and the program), and I canada goose outlet reviews was happy to answer. On other occasions, I felt off kilter; my tack was to change the subject quickly. I do regret that once I shot back “that an illegal question.” (By the way, that answer is inappropriate!) https://www.gooseyou.com On the other hand, if the candidate initiates conversation about a potentially off limits question, it becomes fair game for conversation.

So what is the law?

canada goose store Although they often called “illegal interview questions” in discussions and on the internet, most questions may not actually be illegal. It illegal when an interviewer asks a question that has discriminatory implications (most commonly about race, age, family, religion, or politics) and then intentionally denies you employment based on your canada goose outlet answer. For example, canada goose outlet in usa according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it not against the law for an interviewer to ask your age or birth date; it is against the law for an interviewer to deny you employment because canada goose outlet nyc you are age 40 or older. Even if the interviewer does not go against the law, there is still the sentiment of the law and social grace that should be considered. I certainly felt backed into a corner when I responded to the question of whether I planned to have children. canada goose store

canada goose clearance The difference between uncomfortable and illegal is even harder to define in the context of the residency match. Most programs interview 10 15 times as many applicants as they have positions. The interview is an exercise in speed canada goose outlet in chicago dating where a 3 6 year relationship is on the line. Residencies are looking for applicants who are the “best fit.” How can you tell when “personality” overlaps with “youth?” Or (more sinisterly) if a preference for Ivy League trained medical students implies a program class preference? I optimistic that most residency programs intentionally avoid these mistakes in their selection process, but the applicant has to take a leap of faith on this issue. We applicants never know how we were ranked at any of the programs we applied to except for one and even then we can not be certain. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket In the end, my strategy was to bring up these issues canada goose outlet in montreal in a way I was comfortable. After all, I interviewing them! canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Ben Bryner I finally on the home stretch for interviews. Only a few more left. As I mentioned, the thing I like most about interviews is the chance to talk to the leaders in surgery, meet residents, and imagine what my future would be like in that program. Also, sometimes the food is pretty good. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose My least favorite part of interviews is waiting for hours in airports or buses to get somewhere. I try to leave plenty of time for each trip. I tell myself that it’s OK to canada goose parka uk have some extra time at the airport, that I can get some work done at the gate or stretch my legs by doing laps along the moving walkways. But as soon as I get there I’m totally nonproductive, and it’s not relaxing either, waiting in canada goose outlet us a weird bench/seat and waiting canada goose outlet winnipeg address impatiently for them to announce my “boarding zone.” Obviously anyone who’s traveled knows it’s like this, but what’s interesting is that I keep believing myself when I plan these trips. One of my dad’s friends has a personal motto: “If you’re not occasionally missing a flight, you’re spending too much time at the airport.” Maybe that’s the philosophy I need to adopt. canada goose

Once you get to the interview there’s still a canada goose outlet edmonton fair amount of waiting. Like I say, I enjoy the actual interviews, but there are only so many people conducting interviews and a lot of applicants, so there is some downtime between interviews. A lot of my fellow applicants are the same from interview to interview, so it’s fun to catch up with them and see what programs they’ve liked, too. And often there are residents hanging around and answering questions. This is a good chance to get questions answered and hear opinions from residents at varying points in their training.

Canada Goose sale During one of these casual question and answer sessions recently, one of the residents pointed at my nametag and said, “Sorry about that.” I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I looked down at it:Maybe a Bob Marley fan had been in charge of making the nametags. I didn’t care it was still obvious what my name was, it wasn’t like they changed my name from “Dennis” to “Denise,” or changed my name to an obscenity or something. They probably just have a motto similar to my dad’s friend: “If you’re not occasionally leaving letters out of names, you’re spending too much time making nametags.” Which is reasonable enough I’d rather the department plan a good interview day than worry about name spelling. But some of the residents thought it was funny Canada Goose sale.

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