The current winner is Michel Kouakou from the Ivory Coast; he

Pivotal Works at Joyce SoHo

canadian goose jacket Above: Fanny Ara canadian goose jacket

canada goose canada goose outlet locations in toronto clearance Friday November 16, 2012 The Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise this year honors foreign born dance professionals working in the USA. The current winner is Michel Kouakou from the Ivory Coast; he will have canada goose shop uk his canada goose outlet real own evening at Joyce SoHo on November 17th, which unfortunately I cannot attend. Tonight the four “runners up” presented their work at the Mercer Street venue. canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose Any day canada goose outlet vancouver that we fall in love is a good day; it doesn matter whether the object of our adoration is a boy from far away whose face we saw canada goose outlet buffalo on a website or a dancer or singer who moves and touches us with their beauty and talent. My newest love is Fanny Ara, a gorgeous Flamenco artist who opened the evening with a pair of resplendant solos that literally made my heart race. canada goose outlet store new york Her first solo Romance was canada goose jacket outlet toronto a canada goose outlet black friday slow and very personal contemporary canada goose outlet legit of the Flamenco style: I immediately canada goose coats uk fell under her spell so alluring, so poised and self confident, even in the dance most reflective nuances. Then a vivid pure Flamenco solo, Soler, in which the captivating expressive qualities of Fanny upper body, arms and hands even her neck mesmerized canada goose outlet hong kong us while her footwork dazzled both the eye and the ear. Guitarist Jason MacGuire provided fabulously colorful playing in both works, joined in Soler by the canada goose outlet 2015 vocalist Jose Cortes, whose slightly raspy quality had its own sexual edge. In the course of her 15 minute performance, Fanny Ara soared into the upper most echelon of dance artists I have canada goose outlet niagara falls witnessed over the years. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store My canada goose clothing uk friend Tom and I enthused over Fanny dancing while the stagehands took up the special flooring. Tom was just as thrilled by what we canada goose jacket outlet sale seen as I was. is danced to a dynamic pop/rock song (Life Is A Pigsty by Morrissey) and a more refined, narrative work LENORE inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. In both pieces, Thang Dao showed fine craftsmanship and musicality. there was a restless energy and canada goose outlet mall much fast paced partnering, with solo passages woven in. The dancers and I am always happy to find dancers I know on any stage (Chris Bloom, Aaron Atkins and Virgina Horne were among Thang Dao ensemble) kept the eye darting about the space, trying canada goose outlet store uk to take it all in. In the more aptly poetic LENORE, a mirage like tracery of Bartok underpinned Basil Rathbone reading of The Raven, the poet in his white nightshirt is haunted by a trio canada goose outlet london of ravens and the endless intoning of word that was spoken Nevermore. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet From Scandanavia, the cool beauty of Pontus Lidberg (above, Nir Arieli photo) seemed the external masque of a man with a secret passion. From his WITHIN (Laybrinth Within) Pontus danced the opening solo which we just seen a few days ago when MORPHOSES premiered the dance/film masterpiece at the bigger Joyce. This visual poem evolves into a filmed passage of Pontus in a forest or standing on a lonely beach. The solo works well as a free standing evocation of the longer work. And it a tremendous pleasure to watch Pontus Lidberg dance. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online Of the evening final work, a deadly dull and painfully protracted food fight, I not naming names. It simply canada goose uk reminded me of a conversation that Woody canada goose outlet Allen has with his wife in the film CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. Urged to abandon canada goose outlet online uk his pathetic aspirations as a documentary film maker, Woody reminds his wife: “Hey, I won Honorable Mention at that canada goose outlet uk sale film competition last year!” to which she coolly replies: “Everyone who entered won Honorable Mention!” Canada Goose online.

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