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Canada official canada goose outlet Goose online After our Case Study on Uniformologie, in which we canada goose outlet boston reported an expert view that the uniform in question was no French canada goose outlet toronto Army uniform and his speculations on what it could be (all wrong, by the way, but we are still grateful to him for his expertise) Monsieur R had no intention of giving up on the quest. Indeed no, he continued with heroic amounts of energy and determination and solved the riddle. With his kind permission, we give his account of the research below and hope that you may be inspired, even find new courage and ideas, to carry on your own research. Canada canada goose outlet winnipeg Goose online

buy canada goose jacket First, I would like to canada goose outlet uk thank you, and tell you how canada goose factory outlet toronto location much my wife (Madame R) and I enjoyed your “Uniformologie” Article, and your interest following our “needle in the haystack” search for the uniform identification and the ultimate confirmation of the identity of the man in the photo. buy canada goose jacket

We were hoping to fulfill a dying wish of canada goose factory outlet my wife mother to learn about and tell her anything we could learn regarding her biological father. canada goose outlet new york city You see, due to the reasons unknown, my wife mother, born in 1924, in Germany, was not told who her biological father was until well after she and her family had migrated to America in the 1930s. In fact, her mother much older when her own mother (Madame R grandmother) finally revealed who her biological father was. It was the handsome French man in uniform, in the old photo. The photo in question was always in my wife grandmother box of photos that she brought with her to America. They left their family village, located near the French Border, in search of work and a new life. We believe my wife grandmother had met this man while across the border in France in search of work(?) Growing up in the Midwest, my wife had always been told by her canada goose outlet real grandmother that the man in the photo was a special friend. Eventually, my wife was told that the man in the photo was canada goose outlet paypal named Jules Martin, and that her grandmother had met him while in Sarrebourg, France.

canada goose clearance So, in the last months of my wife mother life we began a search in earnest to confirm the identity of Jules Martin and perhaps of his life back in France. Unfortunately, to blur our endeavor, the name “Jules Martin” is about like Robert Smith in the USA. I always believed that the path to confirm the identity of Mr. Martin was along the route of first identifying the uniform, especially since it bore officer stripes. As you explained in your “Uniformologie” our search for the uniform identification was nearly in vain, even after exhaustive internet research. As a part of the search, my goal was to get this photo out on as many sites as possible, and canada goose outlet us to get the photo showing up in Google image pages as often and as early as possible hoping someone may see it and know the man. We knew the photo was taken in Sarrebourg, France, by the photographer imprint on the image. We also knew that the photo had to be taken in the early 1920s. We assumed the man, Jules Martin, to be about 20 25 years in age. We also searched under the assumption he was from that Alsace Lorraine Region. At this time we were never able to confirm his existence through any mandatory military registration records, even though we reviewed many from Classes 1918 1924, in several “Departments.” Nor, could any of the historical military forums I posted in, identify the uniform or insignia. canada goose clearance

Finally, I received an email from a helpful director of tourism canada goose outlet toronto location in Sarrebourg, whom I had contacted. She had distributed it to some folks in the Community, including the President of the Organization, “les Amis canada goose outlet online du Vieux Sarrebourg”, translated as the “Friends of Old Sarrebourg.” And, thus, the needle was found! Through this Group, they canada goose outlet parka identified the uniform as the “band uniform” of one of the local civic associations, known as the “Bengeles.” (I suspect, that perhaps the uniform was from military surplus, because I had recently found that his uniform was remarkably similar to the Saint Maixent Military Academy uniform in the early 1900s.) One of the men of the “Friends of Old Sarrebourg” showed the photo to another friend in Sarrebourg, and this man identified the man in the photo, as indeed Jules Martin (aka Julius Martin) his grandfather! He initially offered some sketchy information that his grandfather was born in 1899, and that he was a farmer, grocer and musician. Interestingly enough, the grandson has the exact same photo that was in my wife old family box of photos.

canada goose With much pleasure, I shared this discovery with my wife and she listened with great emotion. Sadly, her mother had passed away earlier in the summer. Before we could tell her what we had finally learned of her biological father, Jules. My wife, R, much consideration, thought, and prayer on how to take the next step. The dilemma of making contact with the living grandson, in France; considering the possible delicate situation arising from the relationship of my wife grandmother and Jules Martin, long ago, in France, resulting in canada goose outlet store new york the birth of my wife mother. Recently, my wife did send the email with an attached letter to Jules’s grandson. A letter she spent much time composing trying to be sensitive to the reader. After many rewrites, she finally had a friend, who could write and speak in fluent French, write a translation. We have now received a reply from the grandson still living in Sarrebourg, France. Though he was quite surprised, he offered more information regarding their common biological grandfather, Jules Martin. At this time, my wife not know where this new relationship is headed. However, should they become friends, she hopes to visit Sarrebourg and so they may better share their stories of life and family. canada goose

Canada Goose sale A Happy Ending! Canada Goose sale

canada goose deals Note also how generous with their time and how interested in and willing to help with French genealogy puzzles the local official and history/genealogy buffs were. We have found this to be the case very, very often. There may be the odd over worked official fed up with genealogy requests who will send a letter of rebuff to you, but most are keen to be of help and to connect with distant cousins in far off lands. This website can be used to find the address of every town hall canada goose outlet in usa (mairie) in France, should you wish to emulate Monsieur R and write to one. canada goose deals

Monsieur and Madame R, you so much for sharing this research journey with us. (Suggestions for how to prepare are given here.) We look forward to a report on the discovery of Sarrebourg and family there.

Canada Goose Jackets 2016 Anne MorddelBack in March, we canada goose outlet in toronto received the above photograph from a Dear Reader, Monsieur R., who hoped that we could help to identify the uniform. Not our strong point, uniforms, pretty as we find them to be at times. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale Monsieur R. has very little to go one concerning the subject of the photograph: his name is uncertain but may be Jules Martin. The photograph was taken in Sarrebourg, Moselle in about 1922 or 1923, at a studio called Gaertner. The hope has been that identification of the uniform would lead to a regiment and, perhaps, a positive identification of the man himself. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale Monsieur R. has done a great deal of research on the Internet about the Gaertner studio, about various fellows named Jules Martin (could there be a more common name?) and about Sarrebourg. He has tried posting the photo and his query on many uniform forums and websites. We also contacted the people we know who are passionate about uniforms. Many people suggested canada goose outlet germany that the beret was surely that of the Chasseurs alpins, but theirs seems to be quite a bit larger and darker. No one, however, could find an example of the uniform in the pictures of the Chasseurs alpins. We had no success in identifying the uniform at all, nor, so far as canada goose outlet 80 off we know, had R. found the name of the regiment. At a loss, we had gone to the military archives at the Service Historique de la Dfense in Vincennes for, at times, one must go to the source. We do so adore going there, at the end of Metro Line 1, although the many changes in the archives administration have meant much more planning is required than in the past. The stumble down the long cobbled road past the chateau and jewel of a church brings one to the still musty but increasingly efficient archives. Once settled into our place, booked weeks earlier, we sought out our good friend, Madame B., and asked for help with a tricky uniform. She immediately rang L. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka Monsieur L. is no procrastinator and was at our side in a flash, studying the photo, as well as an enlargement of the part showing the collar and its insignia, which could be seen GG or CC. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats The first thing that Monsieur L. said was “This is all wrong!” He elaborated. “The beret, tunic and trousers do not go together; the tunic is iron grey and the trousers are white and such a mix is NOT acceptable!” canada goose coats

The beret is not of the Chasseurs alpins at all but it could help to date the photograph as after 1915. In the summer of that year, the army issued to all infantry regiments a beret of light blue, or bleu d Monsieur L. identified the beret in the photograph as being such a one. The Chasseurs alpins apparently were furious that their unique uniform element of the beret had been given to all and sundry. In September of 1915, the light blue beret was withdrawn and no longer to be worn. Thus, it was available for only about three or four months though one can imagine that those already issued were not destroyed.

canada goose coats on sale Yet, this is no help in identifying a regiment, since the beret was issued to everyone in the infantry. Nor does it help in dating the photograph as after 1915, as Monsieur R. already knew that it was from about 1922. The two bars on the beret and the tunic sleeve indicate a rank of lieutenant which, again, Monsieur R. had been able to discover already. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose So, what is this hodge podge of a military get up? Here, Monsieur L. had no doubt at all. “He had to be either in a hospital or a prisoner, and patched together this uniform for the photograph. Perhaps it was from clothing the photographer studio had.” Others in the forums contacted by Monsieur R. had noted that no shoes or boots were shown in the photograph and Monsieur L. wondered if the trousers that had gone with the tunic might not have been ruined when the man might have been wounded, and that these two oddities could indicate a leg wound of some sort. most helpful advice, we can suggest to Monsieur R. to give up the hunt for a regiment to go with this non uniform and rather to investigate military hospitals and prisons around Sarrebourg between the wars. Alternatively, he might concentrate on a Jules Martin with a leg wound or who had been a prisoner. Not much help, we know, but if Monsieur L. cannot say more, we doubt that anyone else can do so. He had already leapt some high hurdles in acquiring from the Archives de Paris Cheap Canada Goose UK the documents relating to her as an enfant assist, which he sent to us with this request: cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket I am attempting canada goose outlet store calgary to determine who the parents of this woman were. As you will see by looking at the attached documents, which I received from the Paris Archives, Marie Thrse Charlotte Augusta was a foundling, and a very unusual one. She was born in a well to do section of Paris and her parents are listed as undisclosed. Apparently, however, they were married, as there is no indication that she was illegitimate. She appears to have spent only three days in a Paris orphanage before being fostered (or adopted) by a Vertus family. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Would you know any way of determining who her parents were? Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store We are afraid that the birth record is not at all unusual. The first document (see above) states that the child was born at the establishment of a midwife canada goose outlet florida (sage femme), Madame Girnet or Ginet; the parents could have lived anywhere else, so the place of birth indicates nothing of their financial circumstances. From this registration, as neither parent is identified, there is no way of knowing if the father were even alive or if the mother survived childbirth. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap This first document is an informal attestation, made sixty years later and signed with the initials M. Th. Fr buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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