Both my playstyle and the route itself evolved very much over

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canada goose coats on sale This run was the product of me gradually sharpening my technique canada goose outlet online store review as I gained canada goose outlet usa experience of the route. Both my playstyle and the route itself evolved very much over these 866 attempts. By the end, it became in fact very personal to me, representing many hours of time and effort, as well as a couple arguments with my mom (Long story). canada goose coats on sale

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Canada Goose Online Lots of plywood, 1.5″ diameter PVC, and some wheels for the supporting structure (Design your own structure out of whatever you have lying around, its cheaper that way) Spark gap from previous instructable (1/2″ gap now, made from two bolts through opposite walls of 3″ PVC) Shop vac 1/4″ inside diameter canada goose outlet in uk copper tubing, canada goose outlet toronto location 30 feet long Various canada goose outlet in new york lengths of HV and/or regular 120V, 15A wire (it works too if you keep it away from other wire to avoid arcing) Long metal canada goose outlet toronto factory rod to use as ground (NOT the ground for your house! Bad things will happen to the electronics you love!) Extension cord (to stand way back!) 4″ diameter PVC for secondary canada goose outlet store near me form 19″ long 800 feet of canada goose outlet sale 24AWG enameled copper wire (aka magnet wire) A toriod (previous instructable 3″ minor diameter, 11″ major)Step 2: Things That Will Not Be CoveredTo build this project, you should have some experience with Tesla Coils, or at least an understanding of them. Check out “The Simple Tesla canada goose outlet legit Coil” for some basic information, and details on constructing the following (which I shall not cover): Snapple Bottle capacitors (aka leyden jars) A structure to hold everything together Hooking up the step up transformer to the wall outlet (NST in my case) Single electrode static (non rotary) spark canada goose outlet store calgary gap. A toroid (donut thing on top) made of aluminum dryer duct wrapped around two pie pans (3″ vertical diameter, 11″ horizontal diameter)If you know what these are, and can make them, you probably don’t need to go to that instructable, and you are ready for the next step Canada Goose Online.

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