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Canada Goose Jackets Since 1994 supermarkets have been allowed to stay open all night during the week. So who pops out for a can of beans at 3am? How much do you think it costs to keep canada goose outlet black friday an Asda superstore open all canada goose outlet store calgary night? I’ve asked a lot of people. Some guess 5,000. Others think it’s more like 20,000. One went as high as 100,000The answer? 183.60 for a 50,000sq ft space: two people at the till and a security guard, each earning 7.65 an hourThese days we can get mortgage advice at 2am, book a hotel room at three in the morning, order a pint at four and, of course, rush to the supermarket for a sausage roll at 5am. But it wasn’t always so. Only 15 years ago, supermarkets had to shut by 8 o’clock; once a week they could stay open an hour later. Then came John Major’s “bonfire” of regulations, removing thousands of restrictions on British industry. Finally, after a decade of campaigning, thousands of newspaper column inches and widespread flouting of the law, in 1994, the Sunday trading ban was revoked. But another change that year was less remarked on: shops could open all day through the week. And all day, of course, also meant all nightWhen the news came through, James May, then director general of the British Retail Consortium, predicted the effect would be slight: “In the run up to Christmas some [shops] may open an extra hour or two.” That year, Asda opened 24 hours as the winter holidays approached. Two years later, Tesco and Safeway canada goose outlet uk tried it. Then came the rush. By 1997, Tesco had 24 stores open 24 hours a day and Sainsbury’s had 25. Asda, Kwik Save, Budgens, Spar and Safeway followed. By the millennium, Tesco had 140 all night outlets. If it wasn’t for the continued restriction on Sunday opening hours there’d never be a moment when you couldn’t shopIn Britain today, one in seven members of the working population is a shift worker which means they work outside the normal 7am 7pm working day. canada goose victoria parka outlet This includes every sector canada goose outlet washington dc of the economy, from IT staff and healthcare professionals to more canada goose jacket outlet traditional shift workers such as canada goose outlet uk sale factory employees or taxi drivers. And they all need canada goose outlet las vegas to shop, of course67,500: Average revenue of an Asda store taken from 10pm buy canada goose uk to 6am about 4.5 per cent of average 24 hour sales Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka 14: canada goose outlet ottawa Percentage of the working population who are shift workers. That’s one in seven people who work outside the normal 7am 7pm working day Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet 6: Hours a large store can open on a Sunday Canada Goose Outlet

canada canada goose outlet london uk goose clearance 1,000: Number of “cage” loads of produce unloaded each night in Tesco’s Brookfield store canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose 48: Capacity of a Tesco lorry, in metres cubed. On Friday nights a full lorry arrives every 50 minutes at Tesco’s Brookfield store cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance sale 7.65: Hourly wage for the average Asda worker, day or night. At Tesco, night workers are paid approximately 20 per cent more than day staff canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale Back to the numbers, then. How can it be so cheap for a supermarket to operate through the night? For big stores, the answer is simple: they’re open anyway deliveries arrive through the night, shelves must be filled for tomorrow’s customers, and the lights, fridges and freezers are always on. By adding only three members of staff, they’re ready for customersNo wonder, then, that more than 60 per cent canada goose outlet buffalo of Asda stores are 24 hour that’s about 220 shops across Britain. Tesco has 332 supermarkets that run through the night, half its stores if you exclude the smaller “Express” shopsThe revenue from only a few customers covers the cost of the extra staff members and the benefits for the supermarkets are huge, both in terms of additional canada goose sale uk sales and demonstrably meeting customer’s needs round the clockBut it still seems surprising that many people do a full shop in canada goose outlet boston the middle of the night, as the supermarkets claim. Even if you work until 3am, even if you’re an insomniac who can’t bear to stare into the dark for another minute, would you really go to the supermarket? Apparently the answer is yes. I decided to spend the night at Tesco to find out who these people areFriday evening at Tesco in Brookfield, near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and the night staff are getting ready for the busiest shift of the week. Even though it’s the one night the store doesn’t sell alcohol after 11pm, the worried Tesco publicity team has shipped in extra security to make sure there are no “incidents” while I’m thereWhen I arrive at 9.30pm, the 85,000sq ft store is full of shoppers and a third of the checkouts are operating. There are already hundreds of “cages” trolleys loaded with a cubic metre of produce out on the shop floor waiting to be stacked on to shelvesIf I thought I was in for a quiet evening I was wrong. On Fridays, there are 110 staff, and a lorry load of canada goose kensington parka uk goods arrives every 50 minutes from one of Tesco’s two central distribution depots. She’s brought the youngest along this evening to shop with her. Sharon started shopping at night three weeks ago. When she brings her other kids, they scream the store down, she says. Every canada goose outlet toronto address Friday night they spend about three hours in Tesco: “It’s just habit,” laughs Wendy. “It’s us. We just do things late.” They go down every aisle looking at offers and comparing prices. Wendy says she’d probably take about 45 minutes to shop by herself, but the two enjoy chatting to each other and the floor staff. This Friday, they leave at 1.20am: “We haven’t bought anything very interesting.”Bhash, aged Canada Goose Outlet 45, canada goose outlet phone number is looking at spanners. In his trolley he’s already got an adaptor, two computer magazines, an expanding file and a business card holder. This evening, he’s been to visit his mum, but he usually finishes work at 5pm, goes home to watch television and then comes shopping late. A single man, he eats out every day and has never learnt to cook. He is buying flowers for his girlfriend of four and a half years. She’s arriving back from Ibiza in an hour, after a week away: “I’ve missed her, actually,” he blushes. She’s a night manager on groceries and has worked nights for 21 of the 23 years she’s been at Tesco. canada goose jacket outlet uk She lives alone and doesn’t find canada goose jacket outlet toronto much time to see her family or her partner of 12 years. After canada goose coats uk a shift she’ll stay up until mid morning: “It’s like my evening.” She’ll clean, shop, and “have https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlet.ca a little drink” before canada goose factory outlet vancouver she goes to bed she sleeps for four or five hours a day canada goose black friday sale.

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