But when you’re in scientific research

Celebrating the beauty of the human body

A beautiful image that Handbags Replica unearths the mysteries of embryonic lung development is one of the winning entries in this year’s Art of Science competition.

The image Roots took out first place in the stills photography category of the annual competition and will form part of an exhibition that opens in Melbourne on Friday.

high quality replica bags The exhibition features images and movies taken by scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall KnockOff Handbags Institute as part of their work researching how diseases such as cancer affect the cells in our body. high quality replica bags

replica bags china Roots was one of three images taken by lung cancer researcher Casey Ah Cann, who grew a lung in an incubator in the laboratory for four days and watched as the intricate airway structures branched Designer Fake Bags out. replica bags china

best replica bags The image is only a fraction of a millimetre in size; no bigger than a grain of sand. best replica bags

“Out of all the works I submitted, Roots is my replica handbags online favourite,” aaa replica designer handbags Ms Ah Cann said.

high replica bags “I still look at it and think: ‘Wow, I can’t believe I managed to successfully grow a lung in the lab Replica Bags and Replica Designer Handbags image the development in that much detail’.” high replica bags

Ms Ah Fake Handbags Cann said bringing best replica handbags attention to lung cancer research was important replica Purse because the disease receives less funding than it should due to an unfortunate “stigma”.

“People assume lung wholesale replica designer handbags cancer is something people bring on themselves by smoking,” she said.

luxury replica bags “But there is a growing number of young women with the disease Wholesale Replica Bags who have never Replica Handbags smoked in their lives.” luxury replica bags

replica designer bags wholesale Winning video: Bloom replica designer bags wholesale

This year the competition also included an award for moving images.

The winning entry Bloom, by Bianca Capaldo and Caleb Dawson, features the small lobes of the milk ducts of breast tissue, which look like swollen treetops.

Understanding how breast tissue changes over time gives researchers such as Dr Capaldo and Mr Dawson clues about what might trigger Fake Designer Bags breast cancer.

According to competition judge and internationally renowned scientist Sir Gustav Nossal, the standard of entries to the competition was “impressive”.

“Most people think of science as a rather cold, dispassionate, and maybe even a boring thing. But when you’re in scientific research, the results can be so cheap replica handbags beautiful on many levels,” Sir Gustav said.

good quality replica bags The purse replica handbags disease is caused the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which infects between Replica Bags Wholesale 30 80 per cent of people, and is particularly dangerous to those who are either replica handbags china pregnant or have a weakened immune system. good quality replica bags

buy replica bags online Her work,, captures the flower like patterns, called rosettes, formed by the parasites some look like the petals of daisies or https://www.aabags.ru sunflowers, while others look more like tulips or lilies. buy replica bags online

Eye of the Beholder

The green and magenta tendrils in Leigh Coultas and Stephen Mieruszynski’s video, In the Eye of the Beholder, focuses on the 3D high quality replica handbags network of blood vessels essential for the development of the eye.

high quality designer replica Before the mature eye can be fully functional, the cells making up these blood vessels must undergo a “controlled death” caused by scavenger cells the green dots which will also eat the leftovers. high quality designer replica

replica bags buy online Examining this process could lead to new Designer Replica Bags treatments for eye diseases caused by malfunctioning blood vessels replica bags buy online.

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