In the real world however, most students live with their

My College Life As A Movie

Canada Goose Jackets Over the years the classic adolescent movies of my early adulthood canada goose outlet ottawa have portrayed the collegiate experience as the quintessential time of a young adult’s life. These cinematic gems portray this brief moment in time as the most pivotal crossroad you will ever endure. These movies promised a land full of panty raids, canada goose jacket uk two story beer bongs, and of course a college education. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose After seeing countless movies depicting this awesome slice of life, I couldn’t wait to be apart of it. Unfortunately, the movies of my youth had it all wrong! I participated in society’s higher educational tradition based on Hollywood’s recommendation. What I found was the polar opposite of what the entertainment industry portrayed as the college experience and what truly transpires. canada goose

canada goose deals My favorite movies had me canada goose outlet nyc believing that drunken fun canada goose factory outlet toronto location mixed with hard work always pays off in the end, or at least lets you realize that you don’t have to change into a werewolf to win canada goose parka outlet the big game. Realistically, the only thing my post graduate life has seen pay off is the 2% interest I accrued from my student loan debt. But only after graduating college with a $60,000 diploma and a world of knowledge, I have come to the conclusion that my experience as a college student would make canada goose outlet mississauga the worst movie ever. canada goose deals

canadian canada goose outlet belgium goose jacket The first misconception I noticed canada goose stockists uk with cinematic college life is that whatever college you get into; it’s the best university out there. Realistically, that’s not possible. If you are an alumni from canada goose outlet in vancouver a university that has to be reminded that he or she is an alumni from that university, that’s not a good sign. For you or the school. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap Another difference between the college canada goose outlet new york flicks of yesteryear and real life academia is the time and effort it takes to graduate from it. Most movies have your four years buy canada goose uk wrapped up in a snappy montage filled with studying, acing canada goose clothing uk exams, bikini car washes, and winning homecoming king, canada goose outlet uk sale all in the span of time it takes to sing, “Let My Love Open the Door (To Your Heart)” by Pete Townsend. This is simply not true. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale The more accurate college montage I experienced was filled with having to take a zero on an exam because my Scantron ripped in half while I was erasing an canada goose outlet store near me answer, getting canada goose outlet canada accused for plagiarizing an original poem because it was, “too good”, and having a girl go on a date with me just so I could buy her friends beer later, more proportionate to the time it takes to play Rush’s live version of YYZ. Graduating canada goose outlet ontario college in a movie is short and simple, but in real life it is extremely long and hard. The worst part is, since I graduated college I can no longer end that sentence with a, “That’s what she said” joke. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online The greatest proverbial cheap canada goose jackets gut punch from the movies of my youth was never being able to recreate the feeling of attending college as a Midwestern fish out of water arriving at a fancy school in the big city. Sadly, canada goose parka uk when you’re a native Californian and live fifteen minutes away canada goose outlet price but still commute an hour and a half, the adventure is not as thrilling as traveling 3,000 miles in a big ol’ jet airliner. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale It would have been surreal to arrive on the first day of school wearing nothing but a pair of overalls and a smile, being befriended by the canada goose outlet vancouver most popular student on campus while simultaneously winning the big game and losing my virginity with the head cheerleader just in time for graduation. But unlike the movies the harsh realities I found were, overalls are lame, there are no popular guys on campus to befriend, your college wont even have a football team and the head cheerleader will be a lesbian. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose store These are just some of the harsh realities you will face on your way to post college mediocrity. canada goose womens outlet It’s a shame that movies paint a portrait of crazy dorm living, pranks being pulled on the Dean and hotties trading sex for term papers. In the real world however, most students live with their parents ten miles canada goose outlet store toronto away before and after graduation, work part time at two different jobs, and meet the Dean the day he hands them their diploma (which is really a coupon for a Jostens class ring and Alumni committee donation slip). canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose I had to find out the hard way that art doesn’t imitate life and life can’t imitate art. Life is life, and art is art. Movies had me believing that college was made for me, from the toga parties to the mascot kidnappings. My formidable college years were so full of hope and promise based on what I saw on screen. But in the end, if my college years were a movie, I’d ask for my money back cheap Canada Goose.

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