But I m such a coward and I find it so hard to make friends

my ship is not sinking

canada goose store I’m weird. And I’m proud of it. I waffle too much and I use weird punctuation far too frequently. I don t even know how to start explaining about everything that s going on in my life. Uni is on it s way canada goose outlet sale down the drain, things between my parents are strained to canada goose outlet uk the limit and my sister is really ill. I am canada goose outlet 80 off so paranoid about this thing now and I think that s mostly why I don t come on here because on here I tend to be honest me the me who says a bit too much about the shit that s troubling her teeny weeny braincell. canada goose store

canada canada goose outlet price goose deals I ve become a certified myspaz addict not that I really DO anything on there like listen to music or look for new people I just kind of use it as a way to daydream. That and the tattoo forum canada goose jacket uk I ve joined. It s like my brain can t connect with the real world anymore the only thing I really want to connect with right now is roller derby. I can go mad on wheels I can fall and crash and smash and bash and yell and canada goose vest outlet scream and laugh and I can be the loud person that s been bursting to get out. But I ve been neglecting the rest of my canada goose outlet life and I m a bit sorry about that. Nothing is real I ve dreamt and daydreamed my way through and essay and a half (I didn t quite manage to make a good job of the second essay. It was a half attempt) and an exam it s been the worst time of my life. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale Anyway most of my time I ve been this girl: canada goose outlet kokemuksia canada goose clearance canada goose outlet toronto address sale

Canada Goose online my Roller Derby alter ego. canada goose outlet uk sale I ve spent about 6 hours on 8 wheels so far and canada goose outlet los angeles just for that fact I m doing pretty damn well. I fall down quite a lot but I m up on canada goose outlet orlando my feet again within seconds and skating off. I m managing to do all canada goose outlet miami the falls quite well, I m just not excellent at stopping (which is quite important really) and my balance is pretty shit too, but I m sure that ll improve with practice. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats on sale Anyway I ve been avoiding life, not because I want to but because my brain has kind of shut off to everything. I can t handle thinking about anything else and it s SO hard just to write this, let alone anything else. I try and write emails and I find myself with nothing to say, nothing to ask, feeling like a boring stupid shit I can t even answer posts on my tattoo forum properly. I type something out and then I obsess about how people are going to interpret what I write and canada https://www.winterdownparkas.com goose outlet montreal then I start thinking that someone is going to get canada goose outlet online offended and I sound like a twat anyway so I just delete it and I don t get involved in the thread and then canada goose outlet location it carries on without me and I feel SO left out and like I just can t fit in anywhere canada goose jacket outlet uk not even in a digital community. Not here not really on myspace either (because I m just so paranoid about everything) canada goose jacket outlet toronto and do I really fit into the derby team? I want to, I really do but I m such a canada goose outlet washington dc wimp, so quick to canada goose outlet london back out of responsibilities will I stick to this? I ve GOT to stick to this. I want to I don t want to give in. But I m such a coward and I find it so hard to make friends. Even when I feel like people like canada goose discount uk me, I still wonder if behind my back they re saying mean things. So many times on Saturday I got the feeling that ppl were talking about me. canada goose outlet uk fake Even if it was in a good way, I just don t know. It makes me feel uncomfortable canada goose coats on sale.

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