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Bethesda Conference

I am super torn on this one. On the one hand, Fallout with multiplayer canada goose jacket outlet sounds amazing. On the other hand, the simple truth is that people are assholes (can confirm, am one). Just canada goose outlet uk sale picture a moment like realizing X is your Y in Fallout 4, while some screechy 12 year old is hopping around in front of you screaming that canada goose outlet online reviews he fucked your M. Not quite the same impact, right?And when canada goose jacket outlet sale I saw the nuclear launch, that really got me worried. Based on previous similar games, there not much worse than spending hours or even days and weeks building something spectacular, only to have a band of assholes show up and blow it all to kingdom come, when you have absolutely zero chance of fighting them off. Worse canada goose outlet woodbury yet, this can happen when you asleep or at work. And you come back to a wreckage, with a picture of a penis crudely drawn on the one remaining wall.So while on the one hand I really excited about another Fallout game, I also deeply troubled by the direction they heading. canada goose outlet montreal The game looks like standard build until destroyed sandbox with non consensual PvP. Which is in vogue now, I goose outlet canada admit. But just doesn grab me. Normally I all for PvP, and I like games set up around that, such as Battlefield series. But in Battlefield you don waste days or weeks build stuff.Ah, well. Plenty of time until November to see the beta and see how it plays out. But right now I really torn on it. Out of the stuff they announced today, this was the thing I looked forward to the most, and it rubbing me the wrong way. Mods are one of the central appeals of Bethesda games. They add longevity, offer variety, and allow you to tailor the game to your tastes. They also have practical benefits like bug fixing. I could live without the bug fixes. I canada goose outlet store new york actually don’t download the unofficial game canada goose outlet toronto address patches that canada goose womens outlet often. So if by going online canada goose stockists uk we loose the ability to mod game logic, specifically, I’ll cope. But they canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet houston must have some sort of system to preserve bases and saves between servers if canada goose outlet michigan they mention not losing all your stuff on death.Also, RIP non canada goose factory outlet toronto location paid mods in all current entries in Bethesda franchises.In theory they could still have mods as long as there is someway to make sure everyone joining a server has the same ones. But it would require Bethesda to Organize it and most likely host the mods. It could work but I doubt it, and if they do have mods still I don think we get any porn mods and there will be a paid mods system.Nukes? So. is this close to roguelike or am I totally canada goose outlet florida misinterpreting? Seems like a nuke will randomly wipe all canada goose outlet jackets of canada goose outlet online your progress.I think more like an end game type of thing, drop the nuke and all the creatures get buffed and you get better loot from it. But also could kill someone if you wanted. I mean, are the players placed in proximity? I hope so. Is it a rust type deal or a division type deal? If not it like the division I could really get behind it honestly, but dude said “quests” like 5 times without showing any npcs or any thing like that. I just feel like the game canada goose outlet new york city will be entirely empty and that no fun especially when literally no one will play together unless the game either makes them or gives them a very good reason. Any game that says “Some of you will be friends, other enemies” reallllly confuses me. Pretty much ANY online game will immediately https://www.officialcanadagoosesoutlet.ca devolve into “everyone for themselves” if given the opportunity. Sure you might load in with friends you trust but I say most online relationships will be “shoot first, ask questions never”.They need to come clean about exactly what the gameplay is sooner rather than later or the internet is going to explode. What is the purpose of building bases? What do you get for killing people? What the canada goose outlet canada purpose of the random nuking? There such a lack of info I feel like they made a survival/BR lite game but don want to label it that for fear of backlash.

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