Letter from Founder

Over twenty years ago, Harbor Group was hired as a consultant on a single project at the birth of commercial real estate securitization. At that time there were few firms, if any, with proficiency in this niche market. We saw opportunity to be on the ground floor of a multibillion dollar market that we understood and that had a real need for expertise. Our first client in 1995 was GMAC and, shortly thereafter, some new entrants in this market embraced our vision and we were off and running. Since the beginning, we have always made it our primary goal to truly understand every aspect of our client’s business, the transaction, and the deal process. This vision led to Harbor Group’s role as the principal consultant on some of the largest and most notable financed deals of the past 20 years. In fact, we pioneered many of the insurance concepts utilized by lenders, rating agencies and investors. In the business of managing and forecasting risk, it is imperative to apply experience, think ahead, use common sense, and be humble in the approach. When we formed Harbor Group in 1995, few of us could have foreseen the events that radically altered the financial landscape and the way risk is perceived. Yet, in every case where Harbor Group played a critical role, our clients were made whole. Today, we represent over 50 financial institutions throughout multiple business lines and continue to expand our reach. We have gained a global reputation for our expertise in analyzing risk and positioning our clients for it. We believe we stand alone in truly understanding the deal process, reacting in real time, doing whatever it takes to meet critical deal deadlines, being extremely client-centric and, above all, always acting with honesty and integrity.

We welcome you to our website that provides some explanation of what we do, our incredible people and our experience through several of the deals we have worked on.  Welcome to our site.

Michael S. Liebowitz, President & CEO